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Carbon Negative Wedding Photography

Justin racing in Triathlon X in the Lake District

Why carbon negative photography?

I love the outdoors. I’m guessing you do too. And there’s a good chance you’ve picked a wedding venue in a beautiful location for that very reason.

I want the amazing places in the world to stay amazing – something I’ve been more passionate about since my son Zac was born. When he’s old enough to ask me what I did about the climate crisis, I’d like to say I did something rather than just sit on my hands.

Sometimes it might feel like we’re one little person fighting this huge battle, but as Mother Teresa once said…

“If each of us would only sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean”

So what am I doing about it?

Don’t worry, I’m not here to preach to you or convince you to become an eco warrior or tree hugger. Those trees aren’t very cuddly anyway.

But I can tell you about the small things I’m doing to limit the damage I do to the planet.

I’ve worked hard to reduce my carbon footprint in recent years, and I’m extremely proud to be certified carbon negative – both as a household and a business. I have also been certified carbon literate by the Carbon Literacy Project.

Here’s how I try to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible. I’m not perfect – far from it – but I’m trying. 🙂


  • We switched to 100Green, the UK’s only supplier of 100% green gas and renewable electricity (other suppliers might claim they’re 100% renewable, but most simply pay to offset their non-green gas)
  • We only use energy efficient lightbulbs
  • The TV is never – I repeat, never – on standby
  • I use rechargeable batteries in my cameras and flashes


  • We rarely eat meat as a household
  • I’ve cut down on dairy too and make my own milk and cheese. (I’m yet to find a decent vegan yoghurt alternative, so send me any good tips)
  • We try to waste as little food as possible


  • I drive as little as possible in everyday life – riding my bike is way more fun anyway
  • I travel to weddings by train wherever possible
  • When working with a second shooter, we share car journeys as much as possible
  • As a family we limit our flights. For someone who loves travelling, I’ve found this particularly hard – but there are so many beautiful places in the UK that we’ve discovered in recent years


  • I only buy camera equipment if it’s absolutely necessary
  • I buy much less stuff in everyday life – clothes, shoes, gadgets. Before ordering anything I always ask myself: do I really need this? The answer is usually no
  • I buy second hand where possible
  • I buy wooden toys over plastic ones
  • I buy from sustainable/ethical brands if I can afford it


  • I do pre-wedding chats via Zoom. Even better, if you live nearby I might even cycle to meet you
  • All my forms and contracts are digital, so no paper involved
  • All photo galleries are delivered via a secure online gallery


  • I plant two trees for each wedding I photograph – one for each newly wed 😉
  • I plant trees in people’s names instead of giving birthday and Christmas presents that family and friends don’t need and will probably never use

Want to know more?

Getting a carbon audit is a really useful process – at the very least it makes you think about how you live and what you can change to lessen your impact on the planet.

If you know any other ways I can reduce my carbon footprint further, I’m all ears. We’re in this together after all.

Some useful resources that have motivated and inspired me:

  • The Sustainable(ish) podcast – Jen Gale offers tips on being greener, without the need to be perfect
  • Damian Hall – ultra-runner and author who genuinely cares about the places where he runs
  • The Green Runners – a running community that promotes sustainability and calls out companies who are damaging the environment
  • Protect Our Winters – organisation that helps people become climate advocates
Justin running in Triathlon X in the Lake District
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